Followers of Jodo Shinshu Teachings

The Buddhist Church of Florin is located at 7235 Pritchard Road in the southeast area of Sacramento County. BCF was established at its present location in 1919. We are affiliated with the Buddhist Churches of America, headquartered in San Francisco, California, the oldest and largest Buddhist organization in the West, and belong to the Shin or True Pure Land sect, the largest and most popular sect in Japan.

Our mission continues to be to share the wisdom and compassion of the Buddhist teachings and practice with the greater community. We offer weekly religious services, lectures, Dharma study classes, library, counseling, weddings, funerals and other ceremonies for special life passages, as well as Japanese cultural classes, martial arts classes, and various fun social activities. We also offer many youth activities including religious instruction (Dharma School) for children and teenagers, social activities, community service activities, outings, and a very active sports program centered around our full-size gymnasium.