The Sacramento Kendo Club was founded in 1967 and moved to the former building of the Buddhist Church of Florin in 1982.

In November of 2023 officially changed the name to Sacramento Kendo Dojo, from Sacramento Kendo Club. Same dojo, different name. The former Buddhist Church of Florin is now the dojo for the Sacramento Kendo Dojo.

Members of the Kendo Dojo assist with food bazaar preparations each quarter and frequently perform during the summer Obon festivities.


The Kendo Dojo & the Buddhist Church of Florin replaced the stairs of the former temple/current dojo.

Glenn Harada
Kendo 6-Dan

Buddhist Church of Florin’s affiliate representatives

Agustin Dionicio Martinez
Kendo Renshi 6-Dan

One of the founding members of the then Sacramento Kendo Club.
Sensei Akiyama’s son & wife, George & Merri & grandson, Devon, are active church members.

Featuring an interview with Sensei Glenn Harada.