Buddhist Church of Florin – Kikuyo and Kinjiro Nakatani Public School Teacher Grant, $2,000

Public school education is the foundation for a harmonious and prosperous society. Unfortunately, public school teachers pay for classroom supplies and educational material with their own money because of school budget reductions. The Buddhist Church of Florin supports public school teachers by offering a monetary grant for classroom supplies and education materials; and if necessary, for Personal Protection supplies and equipment.

To be eligible for the Kikuyo and Kinjiro Nakatani Public School Teacher Grant, you must be a full-time public school teacher in Kindergarten through 12th grade; and a member of the Buddhist Church of Florin (church membership dues are paid and current).

How to become a member of the Buddhist Church of Florin? On this website go to the Membership page and fill out and submit the online Membership form. Specify the Membership Category as New Member. If you are married, please join under the couple/family category or if single, the adult single category.

Buddhist Church of Florin – Kikuyo and Kinjiro Nakatani Scholarship

The Buddhist Church of Florin’s Kikuyo and Kinjiro Nakatani Scholarship program offers academic financial assistance to our church members’ high school and college students with multiple scholarships annually.

Graduating high school students who will be attending full time and/or students attending an accredited college, university or vocational school full time may apply for the scholarships.  The student’s parent(s) or student must be a member of the Buddhist Church of Florin to be eligible for the scholarships.

The evaluation criteria will be:

  • Active involvement in church, community and school activities
  • Scholastic achievement
  • Essay
  • In-person interview

Application Deadline: Applications must be received by the Nakatani Scholarship Chairperson by midnight, April 1.

Please see the Buddhist Church of Florin’s monthly Newsletters in January through March for additional information.

Buddhist Church of Florin Dharma School Scholarship

Each year, the Buddhist Church of Florin’s (BCF) Dharma School (DS) awards scholarships to seniors graduating from high school who meet or exceed the scholarship requirements.


  1. If you are graduating from high school this academic year, and
  2. If you have been a registered/paid member of the BCF’s Dharma School for at least two of the most recent years, and
  3. If you plan to attend college and/or trade school next year,

You are encouraged to apply for the Florin Buddhist Church Dharma School Scholarship. 

Applicants will be judged on:

  • Active participation in Florin Dharma School (participation of DS/BCF events/activities for all years enrolled in Dharma School)
  • Active participation in church/community programs/fundraisers/events/activities
  • An essay (minimum 800 words) 

Applications for the current year must be postmarked or received by the scholarship chairperson by midnight May 1. Scholarships will be awarded on the last Family Service in June.