We utilize an exciting and motivating curriculum, which covers the central teachings of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism. Practice, etiquette, Buddhist history, development of good character, ethical values, family relationships, value of lifelong education, self-esteem issues, cultural arts, comparative religions, and other important topics for young people. Please sign up your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and their friends. They are the future of our wonderful temple.

Dharma School students holding the Golden Chain at Hanamatsuri

Are your children or grandchildren not doing as well as you would like them to be doing? Are they showing signs of being part of the ME generation where only their own wants seem to count? Are they not doing as well in school as you would like because they are lazy and unfocused in their studies? Do they spend too much time watching TV, playing computer games, and camping out in their rooms? Do they lack good friends who have healthy values and goals, and are kind, polite and considerate of others? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you should consider enrolling your youngsters in our Dharma School. And if you answered no to the above questions, your youngsters would still benefit immensely from the Dharma School experience.

Our Dharma School provides warm and nurturing guidance to children so that they can be happier and more productive in their young lives. We teach them the Buddhist values of kindness, patience, reflection, perseverance, respect to elders and selflessness in a calm and gentle environment. Core value in this confuse and unsettling world. We are very proud of our students, who all do well in school and are actively engaged in healthy and enjoyable activities. And we are happy to share the fact that all of our graduates have grown up to be upstanding citizens of the world and are very successful in their chosen careers.

Our excellent staff of Dharma School teachers do their very best to provide fun and interesting lessons to the students. They utilize the excellent curricular guides and materials provided by the Buddhist Churches of America. And they work closely with our sensei to make sure that the materials are clearly presented and relevant to our rapidly changing world.

To enroll your children or grandchildren in our Dharma School or to find out more information, please email us at florinbuddhist@gmail.com. We look forward to having your youngsters join our happy and friendly Sangha.