Obon Festival

Lantern Song Dance & Dance Tutorial Video

Commissioned by the BCA Music Committee for the BCA 125th anniversary celebration in 2024, the Bonbu Stories group has created “Lantern Song” and choreographed the “Lantern Song Bon Odori” for use at temple Obon festivals. The recording is downloadable and accompanied by a dance tutorial video, which can be viewed below.  With gratitude to the Bonbu Stories group and their many collaborators, we present the latest new American bon odori.

Composition:  Miharu Okamura and Miko Shudo

Lead vocals:  Miharu Okamura and Miko Shudo

Arrangement and Production:  Jake Abernathie

Koto:  Emily (Yoshihara) Imazumi

Choir:  Kendall Tani, Sydney Shiroyama, Vicky Zhang, Miharu Okamura, Miko Shudo, Lisa (Horikawa) Orpilla, Michael Murata

Recording Engineer:  Miles Senzaki

Recorded at Grandma’s Dojo Studio

Mixing Engineer:  Joe Sanders

Mastering Engineer:  Sun Room Audio – Dan Coutant